Five Generations Ride at Bay of Islands Show


Margaret Hawkins, with Maadi, in the early 1900s.

A new chapter opens for the Hawkins/Clotworthy family who have ridden at the Bay of Islands Show for 'generations.'

This Saturday five-year-old Kerry Clotworthy will compete in a lead rein class in the pony ring and as she does so, she becomes a fifth generation competitor at the show.

In the early 1900s Margaret Hawkins rode in all the A & P shows. She rode side-saddle over hurdles and on the flat on a horse named 'Maadi.'

The family had a 4000 acre farm at Tangawahine and Margaret rode the show circuit of Arapahoe, Waipu, Whangarei and Waimate with her young son Harry.

There were no horse trucks or floats in those days, so the time in between each show was spent 'on the road' getting to the next show.

Later in life Harry Hawkins rode for the New Zealand Mounted Rifles and spent four years in the Sinai Desert in the First World War. Upon returning home, like his mother before him Harry competed at Waimate on a horse named 'Maadi.'

Harry's daughter Shennett and sons Frazer and Duncan (now living in Russell) in turn all rode a pony hunter, that following in family tradition, was named 'Maadi.'

Shennett met Neville Clotworthy (four generations at the show) at a hunt.

They married and had three children; Kirsty, Robyn and Hugh, who have all ridden at the show and one of their horses, 'Maadi' achieved champion status on the flat and over hurdles.


Hugh Hawkins and Maadi take a wire jump in the hack and hunter ring in 1977.

This week Shennett Clotworthy is helping her granddaughter Kerry (Hugh's child) prepare for her one class at the show. She won't be riding a 'Maadi' but her younger brother, three-year-old Jason, is wondering why he can't take his horse too. However Grandma says that Hugh's old pony 'Maadi', at 27 years of age, is too old, so young Jason will have to be patient, but no doubt his turn will come.