FEI releases anti-doping video

The FEI has ramped up its anti-doping stance with the release of a new video outlining the main concepts of its Clean Sport campaign.

Titled “Anti-doping programme for all equestrian athletes”, the video outlines equine and human anti-doping regulations and procedures.

The FEI has also developed a Clean Sport ʺtoolkitʺ in the form of a preconfigured seminar on a USB stick. This is aimed at National Federations and equestrian stakeholder. It contains a

  • PowerPoint presentation, a

n interactive “How Testing Works” document and video, the above video, and a resource centre.

The video is available in english with subtitles in several languages, while the toolkit will be available in Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and French later this year.


Contact [email protected] for translations into other languages.


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