Ongoing Nevada roundup no longer justified – advocate

Wild horse advocate Laura Leigh is questioning the increase in the number of horses being taken from the massive Owyhee Complex in Nevada.

wild-foalLeigh, the founder of Wild Horse Education, noted that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) originally slated 544 wild horses for removal from the range.

That number increased to 847. A “severe shortage of water” was used as the reasoning for the increase, Leigh noted.

“Currently there is no shortage of water as winter has arrived, several storms have already hit the area and more are on the way,” she said. “BLM has already removed more than 500 wild horses from the range.”

The Owyhee Complex contains five herd managements areas, in Elko and Humboldt counties in northeast Nevada. The complex consists of about 1,055,023 acres

“BLM has authority to remove animals in a justified process under law,” said Leigh, who travels the western rangelands monitoring roundups. “However, this operation is no longer justified.”

Leigh urged the public to email bureau officials to request that the roundup be stopped until the range can be re-evaluated.

She is also pushing for what she calls an enforceable standard of humane care.


More information:

Horses colliding with barbed wire on the range.



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